Lid furnaces are suitable for a wide range of applications. The upper part of the furnace it can be equipped with a round or square lid, or for larger ones dimensions of the oven with a split lid. Furnaces are characterized by a very good layout temperature in the interior space.
The basis of the furnace is a light steel structure. The inner insulation is made of fiber ceramics to achieve low heat losses and small furnace dimensions.
The used material KANTHAL-A1 of the heating coils predetermines their long-term durability lifespan. Heating coils are placed on ceramic tubes on all walls of the furnace.
The electrical equipment, including the temperature regulator, can be placed in the lower part of the furnace, in the case of larger types, on the side of the furnace.

Model Tmax
Int. dimmensions
L-W-D (mm)
Ext. dimmension
L-W-D (mm)
Input power
0313V 1300
​150-150-150 ​350-300-350 3 230​ 1,5 10
1013V 1300 ​200-250-200 ​500-550-500 ​10 400 3 30
5013V 1300 ​350-450-350 ​650-700-650 50 400​ 9 105
10013V 1300 ​450-500-450 ​800-850-800 100
400 14 160