​​The device enables a quick analysis of the amount of oxygen in the enamel. It is mainly used in research and in glassworks. Temperature up to 1700ºC, rotation of the crucible, automatic insertion of the probe into the melt, automatic controlled PLC.

Thanks to the knowledge of oxidation-reduction reactions (redox) in molten glass it is possible to optimize the fogging effect and control the color tone of the glass. In addition, measuring the oxygen concentration in the regenerated fragments in advance is possible to stabilize traffic. Rapidox II has a fast response time (less than 10 minutes), wide dynamic range (1-10^-9 bar) and high reproducibility (5 mv at 1300℃).

By measuring oxygen activity of the charge material provides valuable information on the foaming properties and screening and also about the properties of the final product, especially the color.

By using Rapidox II you get the following benefits:
・Reduce waste
・Increases the use of recycled shards
・Lower environmental contamination
・Optimizes the grinding process
・Reduced power consumption