​​Equipment for testing various explosive atmospheres within the framework of explosion protection protections are designed to simulate the conditions in which it can explosion of flammable gases, vapors or dust. These devices are usually consist of several key elements: 

1. "Simulation chamber" This is a closed space in which they are created explosive atmospheres simulating different conditions. This chamber can be equipped with control systems for controlling the concentration of flammables substances and other environmental parameters.

2. "Sources of flammable substances" For the creation of explosive atmospheres are sources of flammable gases or vapors, such as pressurized ones, are used cylinders with different types of gases or steam generators.

3. "Monitoring and measuring equipment" To monitor the concentration of flammable substances and other environmental parameters are located in the chamber sensors and measuring devices. These devices are used for detection and tracking various indicators that may indicate the possibility of an explosion.

4. "Safety features" They are for the protection of personnel and the environment equipment equipped with safety features such as ventilation systems for removal of explosive atmospheres, isolation systems for departments dangerous areas or emergency shutdown of the device in case of detection explosive conditions.

These devices are an important tool for testing device durability against explosion and to assess their safety in an environment with the possibility explosion. They are crucial for identifying potential risks and for designing measures to minimize the dangers associated with explosions.