​Laboratory furnaces up to 1300°C developed and manufactured by CLASIC are intended for laboratory use but also for everyone who deals with heat by processing ceramics, glass, metals or other materials. They apply in ceramic, glass and mechanical workshops, they are also suitable for dental laboratories and goldsmiths' workshops. The basis of the furnace is a light steel structure to which they are attached all other components. The front panels and oven door are made of stainless steel sheet with a matte ground surface. On request, ovens can be supplied in all-stainless design. The pantographic door hinge prevents rotation inner door panels towards the operator. Furnaces of type 3014, 5014 and 7014 are supplied with a stand 850 mm high. By using insulations based on fiber ceramics, very low values ​​were achieved heat loss and favorable ratios of internal and external dimensions. Heating spirals on ceramic carriers are located on the sides, or at the bottom furnace chamber. The used material KANTHAL-A1 predetermines the heating coils their long-term service life even at maximum temperatures. Compact the solution of the front panels and doors, including the control panel, meets requirements for modern industrial design. Furnaces can be equipped with gas and vapor extraction equipment, manually or by a regulator controlled by a valve for admitting technical gases - oxide carbon, nitrogen, argon. Furnaces can also be manufactured in a vacuum version. We respect individual requirements and atypical structural solutions part of the device.​

Model Tmax
Int. dimmensions
Ext. dimmensions
Input power
1013​ 1280
200-160-300​ 470-400-570​ 9,6​ 230​ 3​ 40​
1313​ 1280​ 200-160-400​ 470-400-670​ 12,8​ 230​ 3,3​ 45​
3013​ 1300​ 320-300-300​ 650-585-600​ 29​ 400​ 5​ 75​
5013​ 1300​ 320-300-500​ 670-585-800​ 48​ 400​ 8​ 85​
7013​ 1300​ 320-300-700​ 700-585-1000​ 67​ 400​ 11​ 105​