​New processing technology of ceramic and glass materials significantly shorten burning times. Fast burning furnaces are in demand in operational laboratories, where they enable modeling of the heating process in continuous furnaces and make several shots in one shift.
The CLASIC company has developed and long-term operationally tested furnaces in which the main parameter is controlled heating and cooling speed.
Furnace design with low weight special lining and controlled cooling
allows to significantly increase the dynamics of the furnace. Ceramic samples or small the products can be heated to a maximum temperature of 1250°C, for a few minutes stamina and finally cool down in a controlled manner in 50 minutes. 
For example, the furnace o volume of 30 ltr. reaches a heating speed of up to 100°C/min. High speeds cooling (at 400°C still 30°C/min) is achieved by spacing cooling channels in the lining, by controlling the speed of the cooling fan and by opening the flaps.