​​Our CLARES software product is a comprehensive platform developed by the company for the control and monitoring of industrial equipment environments. ​CLARES combines functions for device regulation with the ability to record data, take images of samples and more actions for monitoring and optimizing traffic.

The main features of CLARES include:

1. Device regulation:
The software enables users to efficiently manage and monitor the device in real time. This includes setting parameters, starting and stopping equipment operation and responding to changes in conditions.

2. Data recording:
ControlPro automatically collects and stores traffic data equipment, including temperatures, pressure, flow and other relevant information. This data is stored in a database for later analysis and audit.

3. Sampling:
The software allows users to take pictures samples from operational facilities and store them together with others information. This feature is useful for production quality control and for identification of potential problems.

4. Graphical interface:
​CLARES is equipped with user-friendly a graphical interface that allows users to easily access functions software and clear data visualization.

5. Alarms and notifications:
​CLARES provides the possibility to set alarms and notifications for various events and device status changes. It allows users to respond quickly to potential problems and minimize risks.

​CLARES is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and device monitoring in industrial environments, helping businesses optimize operations, improve production quality and increase safety.