​​Sintering and pre-sintering furnaces of metal and reactive materials with the possibility of working in vacuum, argon, nitrogen and hydrogen.

Furnace design: Vacuum container - double-shell, water-cooled. The vessel is equipped with a tungsten heating basket and a molybdenum shielding jacket. Heating elements - six-zone, tungsten heating elements.

Source part of the furnace: Six single-phase are used to power the six-zone furnace transformers with thyristor power regulation of individual zones. Use a greater number of zones will ensure an even distribution of temperatures throughout furnace space.

Vacuum part of the furnace: It consists of a two-stage rotary vacuum, a turbo-molecular vacuum, vacuum and circuit measuring units for purging the furnace with inert gas. Safety protection of the furnace against explosion. Three mass flow meters hydrogen, argon and nitrogen with the possibility of mixing gases in any ratio. 

Automatic furnace control: For the possibility of automatic control and with regard to the elimination of possible risks when working with reducing gases associated with manual control, is furnace equipped with an automatic control system including SW based on an industrial one PLC computers.