​Electric dryers up to 300°C developed and manufactured by CLASIC company enable drying raw materials, ceramic materials, also offers use in chemical and food industry. Internal air circulation, intake and exhaust damper, uniformity of heating and a wide range of temperature control options for sure will satisfy your demanding requirements. 

The interior of the dryer is made entirely of stainless steel. Quality insulation significantly reduce electricity consumption. The interior space of the dryer is equipped with a longitudinal guide allowing the insertion of up to 6 pieces of trays or grates.
The heating of the dryer is located in the lower part protected by stainless steel the cover and its part includes a fan ensuring uniform flow warm air throughout the interior.
The CLASIC company also respects other requirements for the dimensions of the dryers.

Model Tmax
Int. dimmensions
L-W-D (mm)
Ext. dimmensions
L-W-D (mm)
Input power
SU10 300
​200-200-250 ​300-400-400 10 230​ 20 40
SU25 300 ​300-300-300 ​400-500-450 27 230 25 50
SU50 300 ​400-300-400 ​500-600-650 48 230 30 65
SU125 300 ​500-500-500 ​600-800-750 125
230 80 80
SU225 300 ​500-750-600 ​600-1500-900 225 3x400 130 40